High Quality Flooring Products Adelaide

Floors Adelaide are your floating floor specialists, servicing homes and businesses throughout Adelaide. Call us on 0419 843 008 to get in touch with one of our friendly consultants for advice and to process your order. 


15mm Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum Semi Gloss 15mmAC3 rated, 25 year warranty

$29 per sqm

Balinese Maple

12.3mm Laminate, AC3 Rated, 25 year Warranty special price $13.95 per sqm until stocks last

$13.95 per sqm

Grey Ash

12.3mm Laminate, AC3 rated Semi-Gloss finish, 25 year Warranty

$22 per sqm

15mm Natural Oak

Natural Oak Semi Gloss

15mm AC3 Rated 25 Year Warranty

$29 per sqm


12.3mm Laminate, AC3 Rated, 25 year Warranty $13.95 per Sqm until stocks last

$13.95 per sqm

Semi Gloss Jarrah

12.3mm Laminate, AC3 rated, Semi Gloss Finish - High Quality.

$22 per sqm

Investor Special

Pine 8mm, AC3 Rated

25 Year Warranty

$11.95 per sqm

Yellow Oak

12.3mm Laminate,Semi Gloss, AC3 rated - High Quality $13.95 per sqm until stocks last

$13.95 per sqm

Costal Blackbutt

12.3mm Laminate, AC3 rated semi gloss finish - High Quality

$24 per sqm

Investor Special

Jarrah 8mm, AC3 Rated

25 year Warranty

$11.95 per sqm

Golden Apple

12.3mm Laminate, Semi Gloss, AC3 Rated, 25 year Warranty

$22 per sqm

Spotted Gum

12.3mm Laminate, AC3 rated semi Gloss - High Quality

$22 per sqm



Bamboo floating floor, timber floor

14mm Strandwoven Bamboo

Tounge and Groove click system DIY

Strandwoven solid Bamboo - semi Gloss

1830mm x 130mm x 14mm


$42 per SQM