Investor Special

Acacia 8mm, AC3 Rated, 

25 year Warranty 

$13.95 per sqm

Authentic Oak

8mm Laminate, AC3 rated, 25 year Warranty

$13.95 per sqm

English Oak Old Brown

12mm Longboard Laminate, AC3 rated - High Quality

$24.95per sqm

Investor Special

Natural Varnish 8mm, AC3 Rated

25 Year Warranty

$13.95 per sqm


8mm Laminate, AC3 rated, 25 year warranty 

$13.95 per sqm

Epic Oak

12mm LongboardLaminate, AC3 rated, Matt Finish - High Quality.

$24.95 per sqm

Brushed Grey

8mm Laminate, AC3 rated -

25 Year Warranty

$13.95 per sqm


8mm Laminate, AC3 Rated, 25 year Warranty

$13.95per sqm


12mm Longboard

AC3 Rated 25 Year Warranty

$24.95 per sqm

Investor Special

Jarrah 8mm, AC3 Rated

25 year Warranty

$13.95 per sqm


12mm Laminate, AC3 rated,High Quality MORE COLOURS AVAIL

$22.00 per sqm

Moonlight Oak

12mm L ongboardLaminate, AC3 rated, Semi Gloss Finish - High Quality.

$24.95 per sqm


Browse Our Options for Floating Floors in Adelaide

If it’s time for a flooring upgrade, you have a lot of options to consider. Of course, you want to find a solution that fits your functionality, budget and design needs.

Here at Floors Adelaide, we have resources to help you make an informed decision. Our friendly consultants will be happy to provide advice and information regarding our floating floors in Adelaide.

The first thing you should know is that a floating floor doesn't need to attach to the subfloor like hardwood or ceramic flooring. Rather, the pieces snap or glue together, and they sit on top of the subfloor or even the existing flooring material.

Why choose floating floors?

·         They are an attractive and inexpensive way to upgrade your space.

·         They are available in a wide range of textures and colours.

·         They are easy and quick to install, as well as to remove.

·         They easily expand and contract throughout yearly climate changes.

·         They have a long lifespan due to their protective coating.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of floating floors, feel free to browse our available materials. Interested in learning more about a specific warranty, colour, or product? Call us at 0403268834



Bamboo floating floor, timber floor

14mm Strandwoven Bamboo

Tounge and Groove click system DIY

Strandwoven solid Bamboo - semi Gloss

1830mm x 130mm x 14mm


$42 per SQM